Why Is Apple Watch Screen Replacement So Expensive?

Why Is Apple Watch Screen Replacement So Expensive?


Why Is Apple Watch Screen Replacement So Expensive?


Apple watches are resistant to scratches and impacts. However, even resistance will not protect the watch if it falls face down from a real height.

If there is such damage to the screen of your Apple Watch, you can either replace it or repair it. Authorized Apple service providers mostly do not repair the device but replace it. 


If it gets damaged, will Apple provide a cost-free service? 


If the device has the coverage of the AppleCare+ plan, then the cost might vary between  £69 and  £79. If the watch is covered by the Apple Limited Warranty or Consumer Law, then you can obtain the service free of charge. Let's say the watch has no AppleCare+ plan, Apple Limited Warranty, or consumer law, and the user has to pay a hefty amount to get the screen replaced. The amount might range from  £159 to  £800. It has to be taken into consideration that the service fee differs according to the model. For example, the cost of the Apple Watch Series 7 is higher than that of the Apple Watch Series 1.

Also, there are third-party repair shops that replace and repair small cracks in the watch screen. Buying something so expensive needs good maintenance. The same with Apple products too. Sometimes, replacing a broken Apple component costs more than replacing a new iPhone screen. iwatchrepair.co.uk 


So, why is replacing the screen of an Apple Watch so costly?


There are many theories as to why they are so costly. Some say it is because of the technology involved, the labor cost, or because Apple provides a brand new watch if it is sent for replacement. There are also theories that Apple makes a user spend so much on a used product that the user might find buying a new watch to be cost-effective. However, factors such as technology involved and labor cost play the main role in the expensive effect of a replacement. 

Also, replacing or repairing an expensive product will require a trustworthy institution that offers a reasonable price for the service. As one of the leading Apple Watch repair shops in the town, we offer a commendable service at an affordable price.

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