Is it worth it to replace the screen on an Apple Watch if it's just a small crack?

Is it worth it to replace the screen on an Apple Watch if it's just a small crack?


Is it worth it to replace the screen on an Apple Watch if it's just a small crack?


Yes, it is, regardless of the size of the crack.


Perhaps, perhaps not. Strangers cannot tell you whether or not it is worthwhile for you to have your own screen repaired. Only you can make that decision based on your budget and needs and desires. I would because a crack can let in small amounts of moisture or debris.


Because your Apple Watch is usually attached to your wrist, the chances of accidentally breaking the screen are slim. Unfortunately, Murphy's law states that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Dropping your watch face-down on a tiled floor is a recipe for disaster. Let's look at what options you have after a disaster strikes.


You could almost see it happening in slow motion: your Apple Watch is in your hand one moment, and the next thing you know, it's barreling toward the ground in a nosedive. Sometimes the layers of glass and plastic will hold up, but all too often, this scenario will lead to a chipped, cracked, or broken screen.


Thanks to the right-to-repair movement, the options for mending a damaged or broken screen have expanded. Between simple DIY fixes, third-party repair shops, and even manufacturer-sponsored mail-in programs, there's an option for everyone.


So, before you pick up your broken screen watch to examine it, take a deep breath. Even if the cracks spread like a spiderweb, there is a solution. If the front screen of your Apple Watch has been damaged or broken, please contact us at We are here to help you with the repair of your Apple Watch screen. We've been doing this for 6 years and are well-versed in Apple Watch screen repair.



Ah, the perennial question: why is this $1,000 device so prone to damage in the first place?


It all boils down to a difficult-to-reach compromise between consumer desires and engineering reality. In other words, we want watches with maxed-out displays that also feature an elegant design. However, those slim edges and nearly bezel-less screens have to make some concessions in the durability department.


But regardless of the design specifics, it's really about elastic energy, according to Red Zombie, a Clearfield, Utah-based repairs and accessories shop.


In a September 2018 blog post, the company notes that when you drop your watch, elastic energy stored in the watch's glass is converted into surface energy, which is why your glass cracks. When you drop your phone, the force of impact will overcome the surface compression, resulting in small stresses that could lead to the shattering of your screen.


To combat this reality, manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are constantly experimenting with tougher kinds of glass to absorb the impact. Red Zombie says most companies mix zinc into aluminium to create a strong base for the body of the watch.


Broken screens come in various levels of severity—from light scratches to spider web-like patterns, to entirely missing chunks of glass—and you could be dealing with anything from a completely shattered display and a broken screen, to a simple cosmetic issue.


The most important thing to understand is that front screen repair does not imply LCD repair or replacement. There is a distinction between LCD repair and front glass repair. The front glass is the most transparent glass above the LCD. The cost of replacing the front glass on an Apple watch is much lower than the cost of replacing the LCD.
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